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3 headline Summit Tracks
  • Future of

    Unfolding the Mega-trends in Consumer Business that are Innovative and disruptive and yet sustainable and Profitable

    Future of
  • Future of

    A Productivity led outlook for growth while Integrating aspects of strategy, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, and technology

    Future of
  • Future of

    Hybrid business models and "collaborative innovation" and better application of "bottom-up" as well as a "top-down" approach

    Future of

About The Event

Opportunity India Summit is the leading business and knowledge platform for all potential and existing entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business, explore international opportunities, eager to uncover the future trends, seeking to identify newer growth avenues, or are in the process of building innovative businesses. In its 16th Annual edition, Opportunity India Summit is themed around "Predicting Tomorrow's Ideas Today" and examine the present to influence the future.

Under one roof, you'll discover absolutely everything you need to start, grow or improve from some of the cutting edge Indian and Global knowledgeable business minds and entrepreneurs. The conference will encompass inspiring keynotes & cutting edge discussions along with educational breakouts and 3 Headline Business Summits across two days themed as Future of Ideas, Future of Growth and Future of Business. The show will be held parallel to Franchise India 2018 - Asia's biggest Franchise and SME show.


  • Learn from over 100 speakers about the various facets of growing your business
  • Get insights on how to develop your brand
  • Establish partnerships with international brands
  • Understand the changing face of the new age consumer
  • Network with 300+ delegates to find new opportunities for your business
  • Explore 500+ proven business opportunities at Franchise India 2017

Our Speakers

  • Dr. Ritesh Malik
    Founder, Innov8
  • Jagannath Samavedam
    General Partner, Ventureast
  • Rajesh Sehgal
    Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments
  • Vikrant Batra
    Owner, Cafe Delhi Heights
  • Joel Silverstein
    CEO, East West Hospitality
  • Gagandeep Bakshi
    Director, Intellecap
  • Deepak Garg
    Founder & CEO, Rivigo
  • Farah Nathani
    Co-Founder, The Mumum Co
  • Srini Vudayagiri
    Investment Director, Peepul Capital
  • Shivani Poddar
    Co-founder, Faballey
  • Karan Tanna
    Founder & CEO, Yellow Tie Hospitality
  • Abhishek Mohla
    E-commerce and Omni Channel- India, Asics
  • Arunabh Sinha
    Founder, UClean
  • Dr. Ritesh Malik
    Founder, Innov8
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Conference Agenda
  • Session 1 - 10:30am - 11:30am
    • Building brands to shift industries: today, tomorrow, the future
    • What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in 2018
    • What helps Start-ups and SME's to scale rapidly
    • The Investment and Its ROI – what you put and what to expect
  • Session 2 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
    • Moving from Push to Pull Strategy : Understanding
    • Niche and emerging brands that are consumer customized
    • What is the Narrative for a strong price/value proposition
  • Session- 14:00 am - 14:45 pm
    • New Formats: Asset light and business sound
    • Omni channel Business: Reaching out to consumer where they want, when they want and how they want
    • Building small format experiential store

  • Session 1 - 10:30 am - 11:30 am
    • How to Get Better & Faster both as Founder and Operator
    • Understanding Staffing today for Tomorrow’s Needs
    • Super Growth: What drives the modern-day entrepreneur?
    • Starting small, Thinking big
  • Session 2 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
    • Funding 101: Navigating the VC Landscape in Consumer business
    • VC Logic: What Investors Really Want to See and Hear
    • Investing in the Next-Generation of Consumer Business...
  • Session 3 - 12:30 pm - 13:00 pm
    • High Performance Innovation & Growth for Your Brand
    • Why it is sometimes important for entrepreneurs to get out of their own way!

( Here ) An Entrepreneur Is Born
  • Hear How the Digital and Physical Worlds in Retail and Product Lines will combine
  • Opportunities to Meet potential Investors, Incbators/Accelerators and Bankers to Raise Capital
  • Cut out strategic partnerships through Franchising, Licensing, Distributorship & JV's.
  • Discover new Business Innovations and Industries and Brands to Invest in
  • Evaluate growth potential of new Business Ideas.
  • To enable SME's to raise capital for their Business Growth.
  • Opportunity identification and qualification process in buying a Franchise
  • Building operational efficiency and speed of Business for Scaling up
Who Should Attend?
  • CollegePreneurs Inviting young Student Entrepreneurs with practical learning opportunities and new network connections
  • Professionals Inviting young Student Entrepreneurs with practical learning opportunities and new network connections
  • SME Business Owners to develop a new lens to "see" emerging opportunities and economies of scale and scope. Transforming your current business is a real Business need.
  • Startups to find new opportunities in often overlooked local markets. 500 +Business Ideas to explore
  • Women Entrepreneurs to take advantage of a great networking opportunity to build your business network, make friends, or even find a mentor. Meet 250 + like-minded women & couples who are also looking to Tap into the rising needs of consumers or dormant demand by exploiting new markets with fresh opportunities