6 Effective Ways to Increase the Footfall of your Salon and Spa Business

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
6 Effective Ways to Increase the Footfall of your Salon and Spa Business
The spa and salon industry is booming and growing with all the impressive services being offered to customers but there is still a lot to achieve for the spalon business in order to keep the growth going.

Every brand in the spa and salon business wants to outshine others and acquire a footfall which really profits them. In order to win more clients than other spa and salons, there are some crucial points that need to be focused on in order to bring in a huge base of clients.

Big Data
Big data is the trending need of the hour. The spa and salon market is growing and with the expanding customer base, it becomes next to impossible to keep account of all the details about the precious clients. Big data has helped the spa and salon business by making the task of keeping together all the information about a customer’s likes and dislikes. When a customer is happy and satisfied to the core, you can expect him/her coming back for more.

The majority of the money is spent on experience but the differentiators are the small things. Customers want the experience but they require a lot more things to be happy now. Their needs are evolving rapidly and in order to match them, maintaining digital data records is necessary, says Vishal Sharma, Managing Director, Everstone Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

Word of Mouth- The Powerful Publicity
Though there are various ways to publicise a salon and spa business in order to increase the footfall, the publicity a business receives due to word of mouth seems the best. When a salon and spa business is able to provide the best services to its customers, the happy customers do go out and say all well about the brand in the market which is required in order to build a brand name. Word of mouth is a good way of increasing footfall for a spa and salon business as it gives surety of having happy clients as well as builds a foundation of trust for the new ones.

Media Marketing
Being active on social media has become a necessity if one wants to expand their business. Social media has become4 the main platform to take forward a business and for spa and salon, it means a lot. To ensure a heavy footfall, the brand has to be super active on social media as without that they cannot reach out and connect with the desired clients. Media marketing opens various doors for the business to grow and expand it. Whether it is through advertising, video ads, online content or whatsoever, media marketing is a crucial requirement in today’s time for a spa and salon business to do well and attract footfall. Print, electronic and digital media offer the best ways to promote the business and own it like a pro.

The Best Loyalty Programs
Every customer wants to avail their best offers from their favourite salon and spa. Discounts and attractive offers have always attracted attention and have become the reason for the increase in footfall in spa and salon business. Clients do look for the best services and quality products used during the services of a spalon business and it really impacts the sales of the business when the best from the spalon is provided with great discounts or if the customer is provided awesome packages. Freebies, vouchers and service combos help a lot in bringing in more and more customers to the business and in no time one can create a huge customer base.

Ambience- What Really Matters
In order to increase footfall, ambience plays an important role. Customers get attracted to the decor and the presentation of a spalon business. Hygiene and the environment also add to building a long lasting impression on the customers. Services do contribute to bringing in new customers and forming huge customer base but the ambience is a crucial factor that can build or break the game.

Salons need to be visible from malls and at various locations and the services are also changing with it. They are becoming much more private and personal. Decor, hygiene, the entire experience etc, all were neglected in the starting. Now, the salons and spas are focussing on the neglected parts of the body. The services are now turning towards these areas as well and not only towards the face and hair, say Nitin Passi, Director, Lotus Herbals.

A Catchy Website
In these times of technology, websites have become a common thing for every business to have.Catchy websites grab eyeballs and new clients like magnets and this is what is required to earn good revenue. The website needs to be well designed and equipped with all the necessary details that a customer might need in order to experience the best services of the business. 

Footfall is an important part of every business and the ones which get a lot of it boast about their success to others in the competition. Whether a business is new or an experienced one, each one of them wants to ensure a good customer base. The brands need to focus on some points which can change the game for their business and ensure a good footfall for their spalon business.

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