8 wellness trends to watch out for

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Oct 29 2017 - 4 min read
8 wellness trends to watch out for
The dynamic feature of the industry gives birth to trends focusing on the easement of life.

The emerging trends are popularly followed by the urban population to solve the complexity of the urban life and keep it healthier in all possible aspects. Change is the only permanent thing. It should be embraced to improve the lifestyle and it can be related to any field liked with wellness. For an instance, the Fortune 500 companies have incorporated meditation as a daily activity in their work routine to tackle overstress and tension among the employees. The boardrooms now conduct a meditation session regularly to calm the disturbed minds and enable them to focus on a particular issue. Below are the upcoming 8 trends to follow this year.

  1. Personalized nutrition

Previously, the nutrition experts had a chart prepared before. Based on the one-size chart, the nutritional advice was offered. Now is the time when the nutritional advice will absolutely become personal. It means that a person will get a proper advice as per his or her physiological demands. The notion is quite simple. The requirement of nutrition is different for different individuals. Optimized meals and nutritional plans will be a very common product and will cater a huge market potential.

  1. Fashion minimalism

Our world is threatened by the overuse of fashionable items. People buy more than they need thud depleting the resources and contributing to the carbon emission. The fashion minimalism will trigger a huge movement as the excessive consumption must be stopped. People buy like a lunatic when the festive season or specific offers arrive. The fashion trends will become simpler and comfortable. The apparels will become more monochromatic.

  1. Sobriety Movement

 The fact that the abuse of various substances closes the connection with us will become widely accepted. More youths will create a distance from drinking or any other substance abuse. The fact of meeting a person in a bar will automatically change when the urban population will get fully aware of the bad effects of drinking alcohol.

  1. Sensory expedition

Those days are gone when Yoga was practiced in a serene environment. The latest trend is to trigger all the senses properly while practicing yoga in an immersive environment. The growing trend where a fitness studio caters a proper venue for practicing yoga with an immersive ambiance is growing very fast. Visualization, sound healing, scent, etc are some of the positive traits of the environment.

  1. Ugly Green movement to stop wasting food

The trend of selecting the best-looking vegetables might give you satisfaction but harms nature even more. A lot of harvests are wasted when people do not want to the distorted vegetables. It is not about the stale ones but the fresh ones with the improper shape. The Ugly Green movement will surely elevate the aesthetics of the distorted harvests and aid in fighting food crisis.

Using wastes to make new preparations will become a new trend. This will reduce the crisis by providing greener and environment-safe means to fight. This trend will also encourage rooftop vegetable and fruit harvesting by the commoners. The unused rooftops will be greatly utilized and it will also make the homes cooler to save energy bills. Imperfect produce will be accepted and used more.

  1. Communal gathering

This will be a huge change in the wellness trends where the people sharing similar ideologies will meet and interact in a particular space. For an instance, women are more independent and cautious about their wellbeing. A dedicated social space for women where they can meet, talk, work and do other important things in peace will be on the rise. This place will not be similar to women clubs or fitness centers but it will cater a unique concept where similar people will meet to solve problems and connect for communal healing.

  1. Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is on fire these days. Probably the most searched cookbooks or recipes are based on this trend. In this diet, the potential benefit of high-fat and low sugar content is emphasized.

  1. Infrared Saunas

The new method to stay fresh and rejuvenated is via Infrared saunas. The temperature in these saunas ranges from 120 to 140 degrees. The unique heating system provides immense health benefits and soothes the muscular-skeletal system properly. It not only aids in detoxification but also provides deep relaxation.

The world of wellness changes every now and then. The dynamic feature of the industry gives birth to trends focusing on the easement of life. People often seek for comfortable and healthier means to lead a convenient life. The changes in the previous methods are based on the fact that the new ones are better and easier to comprehend.



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