Brandberrys.in, Luxury Shop Home Decor Creating A Lasting Impression

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh May 20 2022 - 7 min read
Brandberrys.in, Luxury Shop Home Decor Creating A Lasting Impression
The online market for home decor products is projected to grow at a rate 10.24 percent from 2021 to 2026 to reach USD 3.75 billion.

All organisms including humans love to take care of the place they live. A home is where the heart is. Serene Goraya, Founder and CEO, Brandberrys.in, launched a luxury home decor range to allow everyone to customise his or her home as needed. The company offers a range of home décor products such as vases, bed linen, tableware, wall art, and clocks. 

The online home decor market in India is expected to increase by USD 3.75 billion from 2021 to 2026. Globally, the market was valued over USD 118 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 207 billion by 2027, due to its Compound Annual Growth Rate 5.14 percent from 2020 to 2027.

Rising purchasing power parity and emerging trend of online shopping, shares great insights for luxury products like home decor items. Brandberrys.i, a New Delhi, India based brand came up as one of the pioneers in the luxury online home decor sector, and is working seamlessly.

Brandberrys.in is a luxury home décor label that has been creating waves in the online shopping scene with their carefully chosen range of imported home products personally curated by the Founder & CEO Serene Goraya. 

This start-up brand was born in 2020 during the pandemic and started as a website that curated and sold digital art exclusively to bring colour and new-age designs to homes across the country. It chooses to differentiate itself from other home decor brands by offering limited quantities of luxury yet affordable home décor products. 

Brandberrys.in offers a dedicated luxury home décor products label that supplies accent decor objects, vases, bed linen, tableware, wall art, and other decorative items.

Armed with a background in IT and a natural flair for style, Serene Goraya has been mindful of the increasing plastic waste, which is one of the causes of global warming; that is why Brandberry.in focuses on eco-friendly packaging to diminish plastic waste and choosing different avenues for biodegradable packaging.

The brand has a robust two-pronged mission in place: 

1. A deep priority towards a unique and personalized customer experience enhanced by organic sales and increased brand presence. 

2. The complete elimination of plastic and plastic usage in its packaging.

Below is an exclusive article we had with Serene Goraya.

Idea and Motivation

I asked Serene when she got the idea for the brand she said, “It was 2020, the year of the pandemic. During the lockdown, when everyone was sitting in his or her home, my husband and I felt so bored. Every day sitting at home and binge-watching every possible show on Netflix, the wall in front made me think of doing something to decorate the wall. After some time, something happened that made me not stare at a plain wall, my husband put a funny poster there. It was from a TeleVision show Friends and he put these cute funny posters all over the house. The styles he selected were minimal yet classy and brought me joy every time I looked up to them. It was at that moment I thought of making digital posters and selling them on Etsy that could brighten up the buyer's home.”

In October 2020, Serene and her husband Sim Goraya launched the website 'Brandberrys.in'. The website was meant to sell home décor products like cushion covers, wall frames, digital arts, photographs etc. After some time, they decided to take a chance by listing some ceramic table wares of their personal choice. Surprisingly, customers gave a good response to them. Then, the duo started exploring international markets to uncover more decor items. In 2021, they revamped the website as a dedicated luxury home décor products label.

From selling wall art pieces, Serene went on, to importing tableware and then decor objects. Positive response by customers motivated her to experiment with a number of products and services in different categories of home decor. The brand now supplies decor objects, vases, bed linen, tableware, wall art, and other decorative items.

From Coding to Home Decor

Serene has lent her expertise in Brand Management and Development to a diverse range of sectors. Before starting her career in Information and Technology segment, the young entrepreneur has lived across several cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Serene's love for business comes from her late father, Pritpal Singh Gandhi, who was also her first employer. After completion of her graduation course, Serene worked with her father to assist him in the business.

To get professional experiences, Serene made a decision to try her hand at coding. She completed diploma courses in Java, Python, and C++ unity. Later on, Serene signed up for a course in website development to pursue her fascination for building her own digital art platform.

Armed with a background in IT, and a natural inclination for style, she also founded a successful footwear-manufacturing brand in Mumbai called Cara Pyramids by Serene Gandhi. She started Cara Pyramid in 2012 and it has supplied shoes to many fashion weeks in the country.

Impact and Impressions

First batch of tableware and decor objects that the brand launched was in June 2021. The sales went from 30-50 orders a month to 80-100 orders and can still be seen growing gradually since then. The company has expanded into launching more categories such as Bedding, Storage Baskets, Vases, Bath Sets and more.

Brandberrys.in has come up as a filter that helps customers to find selected luxury home décor goods. While defining the brand, Serene said, “We provide our customers with a collection of home decor that can express their personalities. Every piece on our website is well thought out and imagined for a certain type of personality. No product is put up for sale without having a personality attached to it. It solves a problem by letting the customer connect with the products. Products at Brandberrys.in are just for buying. They have the ability to put customers in a good mood every time they look at it in their home.”

Luxury While Being Eco friendly 

Parallel to luxury comes great harm to the environment. Mostly, luxury materials take more time, effort, and energy to be created. For instance, ceramic plates need more energy while making and need some extra care while shipping as compared to plastic plates.

Brandberrys.in came up as an exception to this thought. Despite serving customers with luxury goods, Brandberrys.in understands its responsibility toward the environment. It focuses on eco-friendly packaging to reduce the plastic waste and give its share in serving nature.

Explaining about the packaging, in terms of natural friendliness, Serene said, “We experimented with multiple styles of packaging. Being an environmentally conscious person, it was hard for me to use plastic and get it done. Slowly and steadily, we found materials that can not only provide safety to our products but also keep things natural. Our packaging is not 100 percent plastic-free yet but I am working towards it.”

Brandberrys.in uses biodegradable packaging to minimise plastic waste. Some steps taken to make the packaging eco-friendly are

  • Honeycomb wrapping paper, which is made of brown paper instead of bubble wrap
  • Brown paper tapes instead of brown plastic tapes
  • Using paper stickers for branding instead of plastic stickers
  • Looking for biodegradable substitutes for foam.

What Small Business Owners Can Learn And Aspire From Brandberrys.in 

The story of Brandberrys.in tells us that businesses, despite their size or nature, should focus precisely on customer satisfaction. Business ideas are mostly driven by problems that the founder faces while businesses are driven by the ideas that help customers to not face the same problems.

Instead of cluttering your business with an overwhelming assortment of products and ceaseless range that can confuse customers, go for very few but quality products.

Another thing that Brandberrys.in story tells us is, whenever you are going for business, never play with quality and customer satisfaction. Always wait for the success you have worked so hard for.

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