Dodge These Basic Obstacles While Starting an Education Based Franchise Business

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Apr 10 2019 - 3 min read
Dodge These Basic Obstacles While Starting an Education Based Franchise Business
The Indian education industry has its own challenges which needs to be dealt with in order to emerge successful in this heavy trafficked industry.

Without any doubt, the Indian education industry is now among the most lucrative business segments in the entire country. The last couple of years had brought a series of fruitful activities that benefited the Indian educators and the Indian education industry as a whole. These series of activities have heavily impacted the whole education industry in the country that has eventually resulted in the popularizing of different segments within the industry.

These education sectors are now on the radar of Indian educators who are willing to start their own business in India. Realizing the growth and potential associated with this industry, the number of investors is assumed to increase more in the future. But, every business segment has their own pros and cons, benefits and challenges.

The Indian education industry has its own challenges, which needs to be dealt with in order to emerge successful in this heavy trafficked industry.

Threats and Challenges

The Indian education industry is exactly like other business segments that come with its own share of obstacles. Especially when it’s about the emerging education sub-segments in India, the challenges are way more than one could predict, apart from the operational challenges.

Lack of awareness of the benefits of segments like preschools in India is still in its early phase that needs to be addressed at a massive level. If a franchisor is willing to invest in this segment, it’s important to create awareness among the modern-day parents regarding the importance of early education.

Lack of Awareness

Lack of awareness is one common issue that the new rising education sub-segments are going through in today’s time. The traditional mindsets of Indian parents are acting as a barrier that is restricting segments like a preschool business to get popularized.

However, the segment is gradually catching its pace in different advanced Indian cities where the rate of disposable income is getting high. So, the awareness is undoubtedly increasing in India but in the short run, it continues to be a major obstacle, especially in smaller cities and towns.

Inadequate Teaching Facilities and Staff

Apart from the old school education-related business, almost every new education-related business could be considered as unorganized segments. The industry is still untapped and holds great potential for aspiring investors and educators.

In fact, most of the upcoming education segments lack quality teaching facilities and staff that are among the biggest roadblocks in the education industry. Thus, if you are dreaming of making it big in this industry, utilize the proper training materials along with improving teaching facilities and staff training, both of which play a vital role in a brand’s success.


The curriculum has always been a major issue; ironically, not only for new business segments but also for the old and orthodox education business models. An effective curriculum has always been a prime obstacle while running an education-based venture.

Especially when learners are getting advanced and expect something fruitful from the educational brands, it becomes mandatory to introduce a good research-based curriculum that could help in substantial learning of modern-day students.

From the business perspective, in turn, it leads to a lack of any differentiation for the school, which impacts its admissions and profitability.


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