Five Things You Must Know As a Career Counsellor

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Dec 17 2021 - 4 min read
Five Things You Must Know As a Career Counsellor
Depending on their interests, they can open a business; get into a corporation and even run for president.

In the past, students had very few choices in a career other than health and engineering. Situations have changed these days as they have thousands of options to choose from. Depending on their interests, they can open a business; get into a corporation and even run for president.

Consequently, a new problem arose. Availability of an abundance of options made students confused and created a strong surge of professionals who can guide them. This made career counselling a good career option that is worth investing time and money.

In today's article, we would try seeing how things changed during the pandemic, and what is going on in the industry right now.


This single word has been seen taking over almost every industry. No matter how slow or fast, all the industries are inching toward technology. As a counsellor, you must know about what are the ongoing trends related to technology. You can tell them about how AI and IoT trends are being followed in every industry or how extra reliance on them can cause trouble to job seekers.

You can also give them Ideas about machine learning trends in the market so that they can decide if they want to join it or not. One thing you should consider while talking to them is what they think about this revolution. There is no need to be too positive or negative about any topic.

Budget Needed

If you are running a business, you already know how important the budget is. If you are guiding someone to choose any career, try getting an overview of financial problems or privileges they have. In this case, you can simply inquire about the number of members in the family; the sources of income; and the amount of money he or she is willing to invest.

Furthermore, you must have some easy low budget and some luxury ones at your tips to help them instantly. As most of the students coming to you will try finding the best option at a minimum cost, you must be aware of the pricing range.

Requirement of Loans

Having a big number of middle and lower-middle-class families, most students try getting a loan. While guiding them towards a career, you must know how easy or hard it would be to get a loan for the desired amount. Additionally, you must have some knowledge about loan repayment, processing charges and interest rate. Some genuine links in the banks can be an added benefit for your firm.

Changing Demands

This virus led pandemic made us learn the importance of job security rather than a high package. Students' demands have also changed accordingly. They are now finding perpetual options rather than going for the money.

Same thing happened with employers also. Covid has put them in a strong need for employees, which are good at multiple things. As a counsellor, you must guide them on how important it is to create a side hustle. Go for multitasking and make at least two or three skills handy. Some of them will solely depend on your perspective while some will try contrasting. In addition, you will find people with less or no industry knowledge and will go in your favour.

Franchise and Franchising

This segment is in two senses, former for those already having business as a career counsellor, and the latter one is for those looking to come in.  If you are a business, and currently looking for ways to expand yourself, franchising is something you should think about. This will not only give you a good market reach but will help you to generate more revenue too. By selling your franchise rights, you can help your business, clients and other partners too.

If you are a person solely wanting to help people, but currently, do not have any idea about where to start, you can go for the franchise option. Buying a franchise can help you get more customers, which you help with your farsighted approach and immense industry knowledge.


Concisely, counsellors should know how technology can help people, what niches are currently in demand, and what should be an average budget for choosing any career. In addition, they must have a deep how-to guide on starting a freelance business or some full time job.

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