Follow These Tips to Attain Sustainability

Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma Mar 11 2021 - 4 min read
Follow These Tips to Attain Sustainability
Not sure where to start? Read on to know more about the 5 tips to consider when beginning a journey to stability.

In the franchise world, tenability can be equal to profitability. Nowadays, more and more people want businesses who take initiative with eco-friendly actions that show commitment to corporate social responsibility. Becoming more sustainable not only attracts customers but helps a business to save money while saving the planet too in numerous ways.

Here are five tips to consider when beginning a journey to Sustainability:

1. Evaluate Inventory and Waste Management:

To become more eco-friendly the waste creation should be on the minimum side. Especially when it comes to franchises like restaurants that order large amounts of food products and biodegradable ingredients. Food waste is a growing issue, and throwing away food is like throwing away hard-earned money. To prevent waste, streamline the gap between inventory and usage. Because biodegradable food products have a set lifecycle, align order size with demand for each individual facility to minimize the amount of product that goes to waste. Start evaluating employees by asking to monitor and record how much food is being thrown away at the end of shifts. After evaluating this for each location, make necessary adjustments to purchase orders and delivery schedules to reduce the amount wasted.

In the case of, non-restaurant chains, a comparative cycle can be run for a consumable good that creates waste. General stores may see one sort of soda isn't selling rapidly and can decrease carbon emissions by changing the product's delivery schedule. Spas that run laundry loads on a set timetable may understand these loads are just at half capacity and can execute a policy to possibly run when full. Regardless of the sort of facility, sustainable solutions can generally be found once operations are appropriately inspected. 

2. A Proper Recycle:

Recycling is probably the easiest approach to make a franchise business more sustainable. If a program isn't presently in Place, multi-unit franchisees are really in a decent situation to implement one as they can leverage their high number of stores to get a better hauling contract. Search for a hauler that can recycle various kinds of waste streams, similar to cardboard, glass, and plastic. Set up containers in every office, and invest in training time with staff to instruct them on the new changes. Support and proper recycling techniques are imperative, as it is not difficult to contaminate an entire batch of recycling with non-recyclable substances. Once a bin is contaminated, it must go to the landfill instead of being repurposed as intended.

3. Decrease Single-Use Plastic Wherever Possible:

Single-use plastic is one of the worst environmental culprits. Items like straws, lids, cups, and cutlery have short lives as they can only be used once or twice, but incredibly long lives in the landfill. Single-use plastic pollutes oceans and waterways, harming nature. One of the biggest changes a franchisee can make is to reduce plastic use by offering alternative options like reusable items, biodegradable to-go containers, and paper straws. If substitutions are not an option, tactics like providing certain items, like straws or plastic bags for to-go containers, only when explicitly asked will help to reduce passive waste.

4. Little Changes Over Many Stores Add Up Rapidly:

When going through a sustainable change, remember that as a franchisee, the positive effects are amplified by the number of stores being operated. Taking even the smallest steps, like using digital documents instead of printed paperwork or replacing paper towel holders with air dryers, can be beneficial in regards to a positive environmental impact, as well as a cost-savings impact.

5. Importance:

Sustainable changes should be implied. Internally, let employees know about environmental improvements. Employees will be proud to work for someone who cares not only about them but about the community and nature, too. Externally, making the commitment public can draw in customers, who will appreciate and support the eco-friendly efforts made by you.


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