How Tech Helped Pharma Industry to Revive post-covid

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Sep 22 2021 - 4 min read
How Tech Helped Pharma Industry to Revive post-covid
With the help of advanced technologies, pharma companies now are trying to analyze the data and come up with innovative solutions to improve their operations.

Pharma industry players have started turning toward digital solutions to deal with problems. With the help of advanced technologies, they now are trying to analyze the data and come up with innovative solutions to improve their operations.

Major players in the Indian pharma industry are facing stiff competition from other industries while using technology. They also understand well that survival chances will significantly decrease in the global market if they continued without adopting the latest technologies.

In this article, we have tried to cover how pharma industry giants are using tech at various stages to compensate for their losses and earn more in this new normal.


Manufacturing is a great example of a process that has been transformed by automation. The pharmaceutical industry has been transformed to reduce costs and increase profits thanks to this automation revolution. Many companies are now opting for robots due to their lower cost than human labour.

There is no doubt that a digital record management system can help reduce costs by improving efficiency and eliminating redundant processes. Furthermore, they make it easier for the company to access information whenever they need it, helping them save time and effort. Pharmacy software provides information about the inventory, sales, and purchase which helps in managing all these things very easily.

The challenges are still there, such as regulating the process and maintaining security. For the pharma industry to remain competitive in the global market, a digital records management system will be essential.


Just like any other industry, the pharma industry is known for its constant innovation. The major players in this industry are constantly investing in new technology to improve their product offerings. The recent government regulations have restricted the prices of medicines making it difficult for smaller players to compete with large pharma companies. This has created an urgent need for digital solutions. Digital solutions like digital marketing and digital marketing tools are used by the pharmaceutical industry to get rid of crisis generated problems. Companies use these digital solutions to target their customers and make them aware of new products. This will help in increasing sales by offering discount offers and a lot more things.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in helping small pharma companies to get rid of this crisis by providing cost-effective digital solutions that allow them to run their business without selling off parts of their business.

Understanding the needs of the Pharma industry major players have already started using digital solutions to overcome the problems being generated due to the crisis. This industry is very important for the development of a country's economy. The pharmacy industry not only provides employment opportunities but also serves the health care system of a country. It is very difficult to manage everything by yourself in the pharmacy industry. Nowadays, pharmacy software companies are offering assistance to make your work easier.

Export and supply channel

If you operate in the sector of pharmaceuticals, then you might have come across the term or telemedicine at some point. Although it is still early days for this service, many companies have already started their journey to run their business without any physical presence. At some points, all these things could happen due to the invasion of tech in the pharma industry.

During the next decade, the domestic market is expected to grow 3 times what is it right now, according to the Indian Economic Survey 2021. Market analysts estimate that India's domestic pharmaceutical market will generate revenue of 42 billion US dollars in 2021 and be worth 65 billion by 2024, eventually growing to 110-130 billion annualized by 2030. Made local venture capable of importing manufactured products

The use of tech-supported and expeditiously enhanced the research and development pace in the Pharma Industry. Proper research and development provided a way to easily understand and find solutions for tricky situations. Digital changes and their adoption helped companies to provide the manufactured product straight to the customers.

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