How to Open a Stationery Business in India

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Dec 17 2021 - 3 min read
How to Open a Stationery Business in India
One more thing we should add to the list of food, shelter and clothes is education. As the world is stepping into a more knowledge focussed, pedantic era, education became a vital need for survival and development.

Whenever we think of education, we talk about schools, teachers, laptops and tablets and of course, books. Despite all these above materials, there are tons of other things needed to run the process. The list includes things like chalk, duster pens and all other stationery items.

Having more than 230 million students, school supplies are one of the most profitable products to manufacture and sell. Though some giants are ruling the industry with their decades-old legacy, there are numerous opportunities for newcomers until they give quality products, due to enormous demands.  An extraordinary demand of these stationery goods help newcomers to flourish.

If you still have questions like, is the stationery business profitable? Or, how do I start a stationery shop, the following article will assist you in clearing all our doubts. Also, it will help you see how things change and in what ways we can cope up with obstacles that come in the entrepreneurial journey.

Decide What to Do

When diving in a river, you should know what kind of current you are going to face and how dangerous it would be if not handled correctly. Similarly, if you are thinking of opening a business of educational or school supplies, you must know where market flow is going, how much technology is emerging and most importantly, how long would you be able to survive if the situation goes against you?

On the other hand, you must know which products you are going to sell, what is the present and potential market, and how much parents and students are going to buy from you if you enter the market.

Get Started

Knowing what your budget and area allow, you can choose various options available in the market. Choosing what and how depends on what you have. Following are three basic segments, which you can join:

#Be a Manufacturer

If you have a long-term goal of providing quality goods and you have some serious money to put into the business, enter the market as a manufacturer. Manufacturers are the ones who make and sell goods to brands. Currently, some manufacturers started selling their products directly to customers. The rise of ecommerce made it easy for manufacturers to cover the market more easily.

Making and selling customized goods to the customers is another best option in the segment.

#Be a Brand

You can be a brand and market and sell products if you have good marketing skills and the belief that you can control the quality of the products while outsourcing them.

Branding allows you to buy and sell products with your name without investing a big chunk of money into manufacturing. The margin between the cost price and the selling price would be your profit. This technique works extremely fine when you have a large group of customers who trust you.

#Get a Dealership

Choosing dealerships is the best option for you if you believe manufacturing and branding are too difficult for you to handle. A dealer buys bulk stationery products and sells them to customers. Compared to the other forms of starting a business, this is less profitable, but it is more secure.


Opening a stationery supply business in India seems to be an extremely hard task but reality says something different. If you have an apt amount of time, money and strategies to put in, this is one of the most profit-oriented businesses ever. As well, stationery items never go out of style even in recessionary times.

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