Problem Solving Skills of These Twin-Entrepreneurs Helped Them Get Recognition From Everyone

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Sep 26 2022 - 6 min read
Problem Solving Skills of These Twin-Entrepreneurs Helped Them Get Recognition From Everyone
Someone other’s journey can only tell you what to do and what not; the real inspiration comes from self experiences. Need of growing and solving problems around you motivates in a manner that nothing can do. -Yashraj Bhardwaj, Petonic Infotech

What do you do to find a solution to any particular problem? Hover on the keyboard? Google it? Similarly, when businesses face problems, they also do the same. As enterprises’ problems are of different kinds their solutions must also be unique and long lasting. Understanding this pain point of businesses, two brothers from Delhi took the plunge to solve it out. They decided to keep the research as their companion to help businesses and governments. When I heard about them, I was as intrigued as you are right now. Our team headed to Yashraj Bhardwaj (23 Years) to know how their company is functioning and how all this started. 

Yashraj is a smile faced person with some strong number centric insights about various industries. While speaking about how he ended up choosing management consulting as a career, he said, “I hail from Delhi and I have a very humble background. Like all other children, Yuvraj (his brother) and I used to play cricket from day to night. Seeing this, our parents, out of our future tension, taught us the reality that sports is not something in which you can go and show you problem solving skills.”

Both of them, having the same motto of solving problems of the society, started focusing on academics and started learning books. He says, “If you ever visited Delhi, you might have an idea about the place called Daryaganj. There, we can see a lot of books on wholesale rates. I used to visit the place every Sunday and at the age of 14 me and my brother were reading books related to quantum physics and similar topics.” 

During the same talks Yashraj tells that his family was not so well off and hence they needed money to get the research ongoing. Money was the thing that shifted their focus from cricket to academics. In school days, they invented a method of water purification using pumpkins which not only purified the water but extracted heavy metals from water with 78 per cent efficiency. “This product was a major hit and for the same product we got invitations from a number of tech fests from IITs and Google also. As research was our core motive, and it costs huge money, we used to visit those fairs which had any sort of cash prize. By the age of 15, we were able to arrange INR 35-40 lakh, by winning such cash”.

Their fame made a United States-based company, Target Corporation, approach them. The company proposed to buy the exclusive rights for the product, in lieu of paying a certain amount (royalty fee) to them every year. “They invited us to Bangalore and we went through a number of technical representations of our project. The company loved our products and asked the patent documents to proceed further”. 

Only problem with their invention and research document was that they were published in a number of documents but when you file a patent the document must not have been published anywhere. This made the project slip from Yashraj's hands and the duo returned back to Delhi with a big chunk of their money spent. 

"This was one of the biggest setbacks I have faced in my life by date and it made me depressed. We took a full two month of leave and got back to work with the same energy". 

For 15 years boys, it is an ordinary thing to not know about patent documents and procedures. After returning to Delhi they went to lawyers and asked how to file a patent. Doing this also didn't work as all the documents were pre-published. 

Yashraj says, "We humans simply change the path we are following in case of small success. This is something we realized we did during the days. Understanding this, we started the research again." This time they worked with enhanced motivation and dedication that led to create another mind blowing product. They used pearl millet (or bajra) to mine heavy metals present in the water. The new product that they made was 20 percent more efficient than the previous one, mining 98.6 percent of heavy metals from the water. Another good thing about the new products was that its pearl millets cost a lot less than pumpkin. 

However the real struggle started after this invention. Filing a patent, those who know can understand, is itself a hard task. Yashraj says, '' We used to sit from morning to evening for around 15 days in the Indian patent office to understand how things work. We didn't have a lot of money to give to a lawyer and therefore decided to file it on our own. Doing this we filed our first ever patent for INR 9,000."

After the patent got published, in three four months, they licensed it to a United State based company. This whole process infused them with a learning of how to manage money. They started hiring people with similar minds and skill sets to develop more and more patents. "With a tagline of 'Research without Degree' and a motive to solve problems of peer companies and governments we started the business." Says Yashraj.

Due to investment and taxation reasons they decided to shift the company headquarters to Dubai. They named their first company Ideaex Solutions llc. Yashraj now is a board member in different companies. Prometheus Solutions, Petonic Infotech and Zenith Vipers are a few to name.

Although all their business was abroad, Yashraj was very passionate about the Indian market. He somehow convinced the board members to open a subsidiary of his Dubai Company and named it Petonic Infotech. 

"We managed to get the project of around INR 120 Cr last year and we are one of the youngest mid-sized consulting firms growing at the rate of 500 per cent every year. Additionally, we run our own private equity office where we make investment in start-ups. We also run a business of electronic waste and now we have a presence in six countries. 

When you visit the official website of Petonic Infotech, you'll notice a tagline that says "We Create Future". When asked about the line, and the place he takes the inspiration, Yashraj says, "We started things from a very basic level. We believe that the need is the only thing that motivates everyone and everything. If you have a need, you will find the solutions". 


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