STEAM Education is the Future of Preschools

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Nov 22 2019 - 3 min read
STEAM Education is the Future of Preschools
With the element of arts amalgamated with STEM activities, it becomes easier for children to grasp these STEM concepts easily.

In the world where innovation and creativity are constantly evolving, the education system ought to be adaptive, especially at preschool level as they lay the foundation. The concept of STEAM education is another innovation in the evolution of the education system, which is why it is important to incorporate it in the preschools.

Some education brands like ‘Fun Rangers’ are bringing STEAM education at preschool level and are offering franchises to further expand their reach via their business model.

Why STEAM Education in Preschools Can Be Bliss

Is it STEM or STEAM education? Many students, educators and educational institutions might be confused with the terms as both of them are among the latest trends in the education industry. STEAM is the extension of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education; it adds the element of ‘Art’ to the extensively scientific STEM education so that it could be more creative and playful.

Someone has rightly said, “Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.” As we all can anticipate, the future is going to be science-and-technology-driven, it is important to educate students at an early stage in such a way that they could imbibe all these technical elements to be prepared for the future. The approach of STEM is undoubtedly a very important aspect, but for a 3-4 year old kid, it could be as challenging as climbing a mountain. With the element of arts amalgamated with STEM activities, it becomes easier for children to grasp these concepts easily.

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The element of arts introduces them with the art of languages, drama, music, dance, visual arts, and design and can simplify the process of learning difficult concepts of maths, literature, science and technologies. Young children may find it difficult to understand to work on a computer, but being introduced to computers with some creative and visual appeal at an early stage could help them to explore computer in a playful manner. So, preschoolers are going to be benefitted from the STEAM education in the long run. That’s why many preschools are starting to incorporate the trend of STEAM in their business model to reap out all the benefits.

STEAM-enabled Preschools are the Future

As mentioned above, the approach that STEAM introduces to the preschoolers are highly beneficial to build a strong foundation. So, preschool brands can see a brighter future by incorporating STEAM activities in their curriculum.

Many brands in the preschool market opt for STEAM enabled curriculum to attract as many students as possible. In India, Fun Rangers is one of the early birds in India in this category, and is seeking to expand their business model via franchising. The brand claims to help children connect what they learn in these critical subjects like STEAM with art practices and design elements.

A STEAM-enabled preschool is an opportunity that could benefit an entrepreneur in a long run. So, aspirants could take up franchises of already established brands that operate on a franchise model. Incorporating STEAM activities does not cost much and can easily be replicated. And the brand’s identity can help the franchisee in having a secure future ahead.

The typical franchise requirement of a STEAM enabled preschool is as follows:

Investment: Rs 8-15 lakh

Area: 1500-2500 sq. ft.

Breakeven: 12-24 months


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