The Growing Demand of Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Baby Care Products in India

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi May 28 2019 - 5 min read
The Growing Demand of Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Baby Care Products in India
Considering how the usage of toxic baby care products could be highly detrimental to our planet, larger numbers of parents understand the value of eco-friendly medical wipes and other products too.

Given the kind of highly polluted world we are living in, it is very crucial for parents to be aware of what goes “on” their baby’s body. The cosmetic industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in India and baby skincare products constitute a huge market for the same. In the era of flourishing marketing, companies producing baby care products leave no stone unturned for forming an emotional connect with the parents while talking about their products. However, what is not shown on the surface is the chemical composition of these products.

The wipes that we use on our child’s skin or those lovely smelling lotions that are applied to our baby’s skin come wrapped in a lot of chemical and alcoholic content. Multiple ingredients that are used to control wetness, prevent bacteria and make bottoms smell more pleasant actually come with the likelihood of leaving an impact on the health of our little ones as well as our environment. As per a comprehensive review by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it was determined that the baby care products often contain carcinogenic substances, which are more harmful to infants than adults.

Researchers have found that with the lotions, shampoos and a few other personal care products, our babies are more susceptible to being exposed to one of the most harmful toxics called parabens. For those parents who are not aware of parabens, these are a type of preservatives introduced in the 1950s to prolong the life of health and beauty products by preventing the growth of mould and bacteria within them.  

In this scenario, the responsibilities of parents have taken a dual role. One is to protect their newborns from any sort of allergy or illness and the other one is to take care of the environment whilst disposing of these products. Fortunately, we are seeing a shift in the attitude of new age parents.

Considering how the usage of toxic baby care products could be highly detrimental to our planet, larger numbers of parents understand the value of eco-friendly medical wipes and other products too. As a smart parent, the biggest gift that you could give to your children is ensuring that they grow up in a clean and green world. After all, the ore eco-friendly and chemical-free you are, the healthier you will be able to keep your kids and the environment.

Here’s why the demand for eco-friendly and biodegradable baby care products must increase more:

Keeps the Environment Cleaner and Greener: There can be no doubt on the amount of pollution that the use of chemical products is adding to the environment. Firstly, the huge amount of plastic and alcohol consumption in products like water wipes and diapers is the biggest source of pollution. Secondly, the way this pile of plastic products is disposed of is another major hazard to our environment. Since most of these products are non-biodegradable, their inappropriate disposal is causing huge damage to the environment. There are various researches which have been conducted to understand the impact of baby care products’ industry on the environment. Results have shown that non-biodegradable baby care products are the third largest source of pollution at the present moment. If we want to save our depleting planet, it is high time that we go with products that are both child as well as environmentally friendly.

Protect Baby’s Sensitive Skin: This can be counted as one of the most important reasons for eco-friendly baby care products as they are chemical free. We know quite well how chemical free products are extremely important if we want to protect our baby’s sensitive skin. Newborn babies have highly sensitive skin, which is susceptible to allergy at perhaps a much faster pace than older children and people. If one goes for products with chemical components in them, the children are more likely to catch an allergy or itchiness. Not only does it impact the skin, but these toxics also hamper children’s brain functions. As per a study from the Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University in Cambridge, there are certain toxic elements in baby care products that tend to hinder the natural functions of genes, proteins and other important small molecules of the brain. They are known to hold the potential of leading to neuro disorders like autism and dyslexia.

As an informed parent, it is important to know about the make of your child’s skin and body since a child’s skin absorbs and loses moisture much easier and faster than an adult’s skin because it is 20% to 30% thinner than an adult’s skin, making it more delicate and fragile. This thinness of baby’s skin clearly implies that they are more likely to absorb the chemicals applied to their body and let them into the bloodstream. And, so goes true for the sensitivity of their brain as well.

Thus, we all must make a move a shift towards organic baby care products, which are friendly to our baby’s skin as well as the environment. Our babies’ tender skin requires the best care. If you have been using the products with the above-mentioned chemicals, the shift to organic baby products is going to mark a significant difference to your baby’s overall health.  

Authored Article by Rishu Gandhi, Founder & Head - Brand Strategy at Mother Sparsh

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