Top Five Areas for the Indian EV Sector to Gear Up in 2023

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Opportunity India Desk Jun 02 2023 - 5 min read
Top Five Areas for the Indian EV Sector to Gear Up in 2023
In terms of environmental and human health concerns, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution to combat pollution and protect our planet.

The wheels of time are turning swiftly, and the automotive industry is evolving. It's no longer just about relying on fossil fuels for cars. Transitioning smoothly towards EVs requires attention to several key elements.  First and foremost, sustainability is a crucial aspect.

This encompasses not only the longevity of EV batteries but also the overall lifecycle of the product. While it’s true that current charging infrastructure often relies on coal, it’s essential to explore alternative methods of generating electricity. Examples such as Internet of Things (IoT) and solar power showcase potential pathways. Several start-ups have already ventured into this field, signalling progress. 

Additionally, up skilling plays a vital role in the EV sector's growth. Developing specialised courses, workshops, and programmes will equip engineers with the necessary knowledge about EV mechanisms. This, in turn, will boost EV manufacturing and servicing capabilities.  Another critical aspect is the availability and transparency of EV charging infrastructure. To instil confidence in potential buyers, it is important to ensure widespread access to mobile charging facilities nationwide.

The idea is to provide flexibility, enabling EV owners to charge their vehicles anytime and anywhere.  Lastly, cost-effectiveness plays a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of EVs. As various components contribute to the overall cost, start-ups are actively working on resource optimisation to make EVs more affordable. These efforts will ultimately influence people to smoothly transition to EVs for their next drive. Here are a few start-ups currently working on the aforementioned areas.


It is a Gurgaon-based start-up founded in 2019. The prime area of the company is to launch a charging system connected with a portable power bank with extremely high-power charging designed for Electronic Vehicles. However, they have already made a drive and established a tag with their name. They are the world’s first on-demand EV charging service provider. After the pilot run, they are fully operational in Gurgaon, but the target is to provide the services throughout all the main metropolitans within the next few months. The company believes that the productivity and the futuristic drive can be an example of charging flexibility across the nation. It will minimise the cost of the grid upgradation as well. However, they are open to mobility by providing charging not only on the doorstep but anywhere on the road with their charging unit as well.


Skill Lync is a Chennai-based start-up that caters to up skilling engineers. It has a unique course that is dedicated and created by Industry Leaders. Their courses are for up skilling EV engineers by that their productivity can boost in the field with time. All the Industry Experts have given their inputs for the particular curriculum based on the demand from the industry and marketplace as well. Most significantly the designed course is also trained the EV students for even manufacturing a whole EV unit, that is ready to be on the road. They have taken the operation to the next level by designing their prototype EV to provide a hands-on experience to their students working with EVs. This is a 5-seater and can reach a top speed of 45 kmph up to 40 km. This up skilling drive will boost productivity in recent times.

Ather Energy

It’s a Bengaluru-based start-up, founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in 2013. The main focus of the company is to reduce air pollution. Ather Energy aimed to redefine the automobile sector by launching electronic scooters that are powered by AI and IoT. The company already has given the drive to establish more than 300 charging stations across almost 35 cities in India. It is the first in India and the second automotive company globally, besides the Tycoons to publish an input report. That includes a detailed analysis of the effort of the company. It claims the vehicles saved 7.5 metric tons of CO2 emissions in the last two to three years. As per the report is concerned the company also bagged the Golden Leaf award in the mentioned field.


It’s a Bengaluru-based company, particularly in the micro-mobility platform. The main function of this start-up is to integrate urban mobility across public and private. Sustainability by using IoT and AI and micro-level mobility for cost-effectiveness makes this company more reachable to people across the cities in India. Another key element from the company is to limit the speed to keep the rider away from a two-wheeler license. The main target of the founder is cost-effectiveness and accessibility. The founders mention learning various aspects from the pandemic time. Particularly the economic barriers for a mediocre are a big challenge nowadays. Yulu minutely concentrates on this area, expands its operation, and manufactures more scooters available in more popular locations. As per charging and battery manufacturing is concerned Yulu recently collaborated with Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited to expand its network.

Bounce Infinity

Bounce is a Bengaluru-based company radically focussing on the cost-effectiveness and recharging of the battery. They are trying to create a self-protocol called “battery as a service model”. The ideation is to influence people to drive EVs on the road without any hesitation, as they are providing the battery at a minimum rate. Not only that they are also one step ahead to provide the complete solution and mechanism for recharging the battery and services as well.

Battery Smart

Battery Smart, launched in 2020, is a fast- growing battery-swapping network for electric two and three-wheelers. They offer battery-as-a-service, which helps reduce the investment borne by a consumer, and also provide an interoperable batter-swapping solution and superior charging infrastructure that aids EV drivers switch their batteries within two minutes. Battery Smart is targeting a USD17b swapping market by 2025 with the vision to have Swap Station at every one square km area in the Delhi-NCR region.

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