What International Franchises Should Know Before Expanding Into the Indian Market

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Aug 14 2019 - 4 min read
What International Franchises Should Know Before Expanding Into the Indian Market
A Checklist For Global Brands To Successfully Make Inroads Into The Indian Market.

Indian economy is growing at a faster pace in comparison to other nations and is rapidly becoming a leading force in the global economy. Today, the Indian market, with about 1 billion population, has become a hub of opportunities for foreign investors. With a growing appetite for foreign goods and brands, India represents clear business opportunities for franchises of all sizes.  According to statistics, India has the ability to sustain the growth rate of 8 to 10% in the coming years. Here’s how a global brand can successfully make inroads into the Indian market, winning over the masses and niches alike.


To de-risk the decision to enter into India, it is mandatory to undertake thorough market research and tweaking the business plan as per the research results. Knowing your market is the most critical step while entering a new market.

The key to business success is to know the Indian market well. While traditional means of research are good for getting a basic idea, it is pertinent to follow a rigorous market understanding and testing through surveys, running pilot projects and incubating businesses. The Indian population is inclined towards morals and ethics that are guided by their diverse culture.

So, In order to correctly assess the Indian market, assess your market size and segment it in terms of growth opportunities, demand, competitors positioning etc. In India, this segmentation is going to be heavily dependent on the purchasing power and the social environment the target audience belongs to. It is also advisable to hire a market entry specialist in India.

Indianise your business

The foremost aspect that foreign companies should focus on changes in perception about doing business in India. As India offers a very diverse consumer base with unique requirements, superimposing a global business model in the Indian context may not yield the same results and may even prove to be disastrous.

Therefore, it is important to formulate a business plan as per the local market while retaining the value proposition of the global business model.

Pratik Parab, Country Manager, Which Wich, said, “Customising the products become a necessity while entering a different country. It’s the key to achieve success internationally. Which Wich is going to have a completely different menu for the Indian customers”

“A detailed data survey is very important. A lot of international brands come to India and fail or succeed, but the percentage ratio between succeeding and failing is much different. The only reason for this being that what works outside might or might not work here so it is very important to know the Indian market first” says, Vandana Bhardwaj, Director, Marie Claire Paris Salon.

 Sharing about their Indian expansion strategy, Shaurya Bhatta, General Manager Sales, Wrap It Up, said, “Before setting foot in the Indian market, we have revamped our product as per the flavours in India. We have researched thoroughly about how the products are preferred here and we have both veg & non-veg options in the menu, keeping mostly white meat in the non-veg category.”

 Moreover, foreign franchises need to be committed to the changing Indian consumer landscape to achieve brand value and long-term success in the Indian market.”


Once the complexities of the Indian market are understood, it is essential to create a roadmap for the actual entry into the market and identify an appropriate channel. One of the surest ways of successfully entering the Indian market is partnering and developing good relationships with local dealers and distributors.

Finding good partners who know the local market well and are completely acquainted with procedural issues will be able to facilitate growth for your brand across the country. Particularly for brands that are entering India via franchising, India partners play a very important role. They are the ones who will navigate their business to success. Having a master franchisee ensures that you don’t have to wreck your brain on developing a network with local dealers and distributors.

You can also collaborate with companies like Franglobal, International market-entry specialist, which provides tailor-made franchise consulting services and solutions to assist international brands in providing a successful entry in the Indian market.


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