Where To Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

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Opportunity India Desk Dec 07 2021 - 5 min read
Where To Charge Your Electric Vehicle?
It is important to know about charging stations if you are moving towards Electric Vehicles.

We are developing every day, and find something new in the industry. Take the example of electric cars, in the coming years they will have a huge contribution in the economy. But for that we are gradually preparing ourselves. There are questions in the buyers’ minds when he plans to purchase electric car. We will try to resolve your queries. Depending on which car model you have, how big the battery is and how fast the charging point is, it can take anywhere from around 60 minutes to 8-9 hours for an electric car to charge up to 80%. How long does it take to charge the car? How often you should charge it? Moreover, will it suit to your pocket? Buyers certainly have these kinds of questions. Here are some solutions to them.

Everyone looks for the comfort zone and tries most of the work should be done sitting at home. The first thought that comes is can I charge my electric car at home?

The good news is that Yes, you can. With Type 1 AC charger, you can charge from an AC socket, but at 3 kWh it is too slow. The Type 2 or wallbox charger is usually installed by car companies without any extra payment at home and is faster. Besides these, there are other faster chargers too.

Where else can you charge other than home?

You can also charge it at your office in the same manner with a wallbox charger. Besides, like the petrol pump network, a public electric charging station network is being established by various companies like Tata, EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd), BOLT, Indian Oil Corp, EVRE, Kazam, among others, across the country. This is a cheaper and faster way to charge.

India s country with huge traffic jams all over the most important thing is that how often you should charge your car?

While most of the current electric cars run for 220-280 km on a single charge, the more expensive ones with bigger batteries offer a range of 400 km, as per the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP)

Time matters a lot, you must know how long does it take to charge the car?

It actually depends on which car model you have, how big the battery is and how fast the charging point is, it can take anywhere from around 60 minutes to 8-9 hours for an electric car to charge up to 80%. However, with rapid chargers the time duration can be reduced to 30-40 minutes.

How much will charging cost at home and at public stations is a very basic query coming in an Indian’s mind.

The battery capacity usually ranges from 20-45 kWh. If you charge at home, the cost will depend on the power tariff in your state, which ranges from Rs 8-10 per unit. In Delhi, the cost at charging stations is Rs 4-4.5 kWh, while domestic rate varies from Rs 3-8 per unit. This means you will spend Rs 80-202 to charge your EV at a charging station, but the expenditure will be higher at Rs 160-450 if you do it at home. In Mumbai, the cost is Rs 15 per unit at charging stations, so you will end up spending Rs 300-675. So choose wisely when you spend on the electric cars.

Most importantly how long a battery does last is a must answered question

Since most electric car batteries are lithium ion-based, they will degrade over time. Currently, most electric cars are coming with a battery warranty of 8-years or 1.6 lakh km.

The biggest challenge for everyone is to find a nearby public charging station while travelling.

Here is the solution for that. There are several mobile apps and websites that can assist you to locate EV charging stations closest to you. Some of the aggregator websites include Tata Motors and Charge-List, while apps include Kazam, EV Plugs, Tata Power EZ Charge, Battre, Zeon, among several others. Some of these apps are by companies who have established a network of charging stations across the country. However, until charging stations are more widespread, be sure to have a charging station maps where you live and where you frequently go so that you’ll be able to charge your new EV when you need to else you can be in trouble.

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