Why Its the Right Time to Invest in a Foreign Language Education Franchise Business

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Jul 30 2019 - 4 min read
Why Its the Right Time to Invest in a Foreign Language Education Franchise Business
The rapid transformation and innovation in the education industry are perhaps responsible behind the growing popularity of the foreign language education sector in India.

The Indian education market has managed to evolve itself as one lucrative segment for business investment. Entrepreneurs are constantly trying to renovate with their existing educational services in order to introduce something new that could prove fruitful as per the latest demands and trends.

Moreover, the existing population in the Indian education industry is majorly responsible for causing transformation in the ever-growing industry. In fact, most of the educators believe that the education industry is an evergreen segment for business investment that will bring positive results if basic practices like business plan and strategies are properly taken care of.

Foreign Language Education Business Gaining Popularity

The rapid transformation and innovation in the education industry are perhaps responsible behind the growing popularity of the foreign language education sector in India. Educators can now be seen coming up with a specialised education business firm, dealing with different foreign languages as per the latest trends and demands.

This trend is especially getting quite famous among the new-age learners that see this world without demographic restrictions. These learners believe that it's very necessary to learn and understand new/foreign languages that will eventually prove useful in the long run for both the students and entrepreneurs.

For example, a student who is planning to study in some foreign country would eventually find a firm dealing with foreign languages quite useful for his/her futuristic goals. Similarly, any entrepreneur that is planning to grow his/her business in some foreign land needs to have a good grasp on the local language that is being spoken there. After all, its all about building a relationship with the customers and clients.

Thus, educators that are dealing with foreign language business might find themselves in a great position as the future looks promising and fruitful. Through good market research, educators could end up successfully targeting potential learners that can later enroll at your firm, growing your business. 

The Growing Demand for being Multilingual

This is one trend which we Indians have lately adopted from the western countries. People now see it very essential to know and be fluent in more than one language that eventually increases the demand for good foreign language firms in India.

Most of the students are emerging with a mutual dream for pursuing an education in some foreign land. Entrepreneurs could focus on such people, providing them quality foreign language education that they are looking out for.

Introducing foreign courses like French, German, Spanish, English, and others might prove beneficial as more number of people are preferring to go to such countries where these languages are compulsory.

Increasing Job Opportunities in Foreign Embassy

In the past couple of years, India has been generating numerous job opportunities for individuals in different foreign embassies. These embassies are looking out for individuals that can speak their native language fluently, establishing a good communication bridge between the foreign clients and local people.

While this industry will continue to boom with time, entrepreneurs could now focus heavily on foreign language courses. Educators could educate people that are demanding quality foreign language courses, preparing them for a fruitful career while applying at different foreign embassies.

The Rising Disposable Income & Style Statement

One of the major reasons why the future of foreign language education business is fruitful as India is witnessing a constant rise in the disposable income of people. Along with this, Indians are rapidly adapting the western trends, where learning a foreign language is one such trend.

Earlier, the industry was quite unorganised. But the dedication of passionate entrepreneurs along with the passionate learners helped this industry to shift from being unorganised to an organised one. In fact, India currently has a number of franchise-based models that are dealing with different foreign language courses, education, and training.

Organising the Segment through Franchising

Franchising is now everywhere. Whether its an automotive industry or an education-related business, franchising is now an essential component that is proving worthy which every passing day.

The India foreign language industry is also occupied by various franchises that are currently operating successfully. It a bright opportunity for all those entrepreneurs that are willing to be a part of a franchising industry, building their names in this competitive industry.

Ahal, The Education House is one such brand which is currently into franchising. The brand is focusing on English language training in order to prepare learners for courses like IELTS and TOEFL. The franchise is available at an investment of around INR 2-5 lakh along with an area ranging between 800-1000 sq ft.

Language International is another brand whose franchise can be acquired at an investment of around INR 6-12 lakh where franchisees need to have a minimum area of around 1200 sq ft.

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