How Renovating The Higher Education System In India Will Meet Contemporary Needs

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Sep 29 2018 - 2 min read
How Renovating The Higher Education System In India Will Meet Contemporary Needs
The Issue Of Degrading Quality Of Education In Most Indian Universities Is Indeed A Matter Of Concern

There is an urgency of seeking reforms that will pave way for promoting excellence in higher education in India. Education is not only meant for providing employment but also meant to empower students and help them become global citizens. The issue of deterioration in the quality of education in most Indian universities is indeed a matter of concern.

Recently, there has been a call for revamping higher education to bring it in tune with the contemporary needs.

Meet the needs of the industries

Every year, lakhs of engineering students graduate without basic employable skills. This undesirable trend has to be stopped to develop our students into a global citizen. Educational courses must be designed to meet the demand of industries. 

This can be done if the universities overhaul the syllabi and the teaching methodologies to make the courses relevant to the needs of the industries. Also, students in professional courses should be made to work as interns for some weeks every year to enable them to gain firsthand experience.

Addressing Major Challenges

Two of the biggest challenges the world is facing today is climate change and global warming. Everyone would have to step up their efforts to protect the environment and reduce carbon footprint.

Moreover, social issues like poverty, illiteracy, diseases, child labour, terrorism, communalism and corruption have to be eradicated to build a New and Resurgent India. The youth of the country needs to be at the forefront of this noble mission. This can be done by providing holistic education to students in high school.

Responsibility for Engineers

The engineers, instead of just focussing on getting a 9 to 5 job, needs to come up with innovative and cost-effective solutions, especially in areas such as healthcare and education.

The engineering professionals also have a greater responsibility in creating a safe, secure, healthy, productive and sustainable life for the countrymen.

Skill India

With India poised to become a high middle-income country by 2030, there will be a lot of opportunities for the youth in different sectors.

The need of the hour is to impart skills to the youngsters to enable them to find gainful employment or become self-employed. The government’s ‘Skill India’ programme is a step in that direction. Providing knowledge of technology combined with ethics and values at higher education level can ensure transparency and prevent social evils like corruption and gender discrimination.

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