Learning Is The Key To Every Success Story: Richa Telang

Priyanka Tanwer
Priyanka Tanwer Mar 09 2023 - 5 min read
Learning Is The Key To Every Success Story: Richa Telang
TrueBlue Advisory furnishes clients with a perfect amalgamation of design, talent solutions, and technology and has workplaces in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Dubai.

Employer branding is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive job market, as companies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors to attract and retain the best talent. A strong employer brand can help organisations attract high-quality candidates, reduce employee turnover, and improve employee morale and engagement.

Some common strategies used in employer branding include showcasing the company's culture and values, highlighting employee benefits and perks, and providing opportunities for career growth and development. Other tactics may include employer reviews and ratings on job boards, social media marketing, and employee referral programmes.

Employer branding is not just about attracting top talent, but also about creating a positive reputation in the marketplace, which can ultimately impact the company’s bottom line. By creating a strong employer brand, companies can improve their overall brand image, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive business success.

Taping the market of employer branding and starting an an Employer Branding Consulting firm, RichaTelang- Founder and CEO of TrueBlue Advisory shares her journey with Opportunity India.

How Did The Idea Come Up To Start An Advisory Company?

Richa: Backed by an extensive and successful career in HR, I was fortunate to lead the charter of employer branding during my tenure with Flipkart and Intel, and from there, we unfolded the answers as to why Employer Branding was essential. And when I recognised how crucial is employer branding for successful company, my entrepreneurial journey began. Hence, TrueBlue Advisory was established in 2019 and in the course of four years, we have been fortunate to gain the trust and confidence of the market. At present, we are proudly associated with unicorn start-ups, big international MNCs, and several Indian conglomerates.

Why Did You Choose This Field?

Richa: Though entrepreneurship was never something that I dreamt of, now I feel truly blessed that I came across this opportunity and started a journey with TrueBlue Advisory, an Employer Branding Consulting Firm. Choosing this field became a little obvious because Employer Branding is an intriguing and impactful amalgamation of marketing and HR, and having a successful career in HR with extensive experience in the field opened the way for me to know that Employer Branding is crucial and acts as a catalyst in the company’s success.

What Were The Challenges You Faced During The Initial Years Of The Business?


Richa: I feel quite fortunate, that the industry has been so kind to me. As a founder of TBA, I couldn’t be more grateful for the kind of response that I got from my professional networks. The challenges that came my way were how to remain constant with the innovations for our clients and keep all our work commitments on time while also making sure that we stay ahead of the race with our foresight. As the concept of employer branding keeps changing, we as an employer branding consulting firm need to keep up with those changes as well.


Lead Us Through The Business Model Of The Company

Richa: We are positioned as an advisory firm that deals with analysing, crafting, and upholding the company’s talent brand. We construct integrated talent and employer brand policies to design a poignant talent narrative for our clients. Four major services that we provide are: advisory and consulting, channel building and measurement, media campaigns, events and PR, and creative and design thinking. We furnish our clients with a perfect amalgamation of design, talent solutions, and technology. We have workplaces in Bengaluru, Gurugram, and Dubai and are planning to put our feet in other counties as well.

Please Divulge On Last Year's Revenue


Richa: We have been profitable since year of inception. Currently running at healthy margins of 25- 30 per cent. Revenues locked for this financial year over USD 1.5M.


What Lessons Did You Get Throughout The Journey?

Richa: Learning is the key to every success story, and in my entrepreneurial journey like others, it had its own ebb and flow. The lesson that I have learned in order to overcome those hurdles is to celebrate every triumph together and have each other’s back every time we lose. The principles that we follow as a team are to have a correct mindset of accepting and learning from failures, to be honest, to have the capability of taking ownership, and to have an extraordinary approach to work.

Please Tell Us About The New Things You Are Doing

Richa: We as a team are planning to establish TrueBlue Advisory’s own talent insight and research, event property, and shortly, a product that will aid in scaling up the concept of employer branding at a fast pace and in a budget friendly manner. And all of this will revolve around the basic fundamentals of the employer brand, which should be unique, definite, and uncomplicated in order to generate a pull in the talent market.

Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Richa: Assiduous, along with constant efforts, continuous representation, and the thirst to achieve their goals or ambitions, are the key factors that each and every newcomer must possess if they are aiming to soar high in their respective fields. And especially women have shown their mettle, triumphed in every battle, be it societal, familial, or economical, and are now all set to grab their representation as entrepreneurs.

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