Why Starting a Tiffin Business is a Great Option for Budding Entrepreneurs

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Jul 25 2019 - 4 min read
Why Starting a Tiffin Business is a Great Option for Budding Entrepreneurs
A tiffin-related business is entirely a new segment in the F&B industry. The segment is slowly gaining popularity which is eventually increasing the demand for tiffin-related business in India.

The growing demand of global consumers has massively affected most of the business industries universally, including the entire F&B sector. This segment is now a whole universe in itself, which consists of different actively operating sectors, namely – fine-dine, casual dining, QSR, and more.

But the evolution for the F&B industry just doesn't stop here. Budding and passionate entrepreneurs are constantly trying to innovate their services for introducing something new, which is perfectly as per the latest trends and demands. A tiffin business is a great example of such an innovation.

What exactly is a Tiffin Business?

A tiffin business is not entirely a new segment in the F&B industry, but the segment is slowly gaining popularity, which is eventually increasing the demand for tiffin-related business in India. The business basically deals with offering catering services to consumers. 

Due to its profitable nature, the tiffin-related industry has a good potential for growth and expansion, which will eventually transform the industry from an unorganised to an organised one.

Entrepreneurs that believe this might be their playground for starting a new business has to have good planning and management skills along with flexibility for successfully handling last-minute changes required by customers.

The Growing Number of Working or Studying People

A tiffin-related business is predicted to work superbly among those people that are either working or studying away from their homes. For example, a city like Delhi has a large number of people that come from different cities and states in order to acquire quality education and proper employment.

The lack of home-made food eventually forces such people to look out for different options that can both suit their daily budget along with fulfilling their stomach through regular meals.

Entrepreneurs through a tiffin-related business could target such audience. The probability to become successful in this sector gets maximise as these people often have complaints about quality food services on a regular basis. Remember that ordering food through Swiggy and Zomato on a daily basis can be costly, something which most of the people can’t afford.

Collaboration with Offices and Hostel for Improving the Quality of their Mess

Whether it's your startup business, an educational firm, or a hostel, one thing which we can find common at all these places is a mess. India definitely has a large number of startup businesses and educational firms that are operating on a daily basis, employing and education hundreds of people simultaneously. Most of them depend upon the in-house mess services, which are mostly not satisfactory.

Entrepreneurs through their tiffin-related business could either individually target such people or could look forward for a collaboration with the firms. Through the collaboration, employees and students living in hostels could enjoy home-made cuisines that can satisfy their taste buds as well as their pockets.

Normal tiffin-related service is comparatively cheaper than other food items that can be consumed from outside on a regular basis. Moreover, the variety of menu available through a tiffin-related business can further excite people for buying this service.

Tiffin Services: A Suitable Option for Health Freaks

India has now a good number of people that are willing to spend a healthier lifestyle through consuming nutritionally rich food products. The staying healthy trend is gaining immense popularity in India, which is also increasing the demand for quality, nutritional food products for a balanced diet.

Through tiffin services, entrepreneurs could target health-conscious population, providing them nutritionally rich food products that they often crave for. For example, FoodAbhi is a Mumbai-based tiffin related brand, which mainly deals with high quality, healthy, and delicious meal plans for new-age customers.

Tiffin Express is another brand which is providing 100% hygienic and vegetarian food services to people across the nation through its franchise model. Entrepreneurs that find this opportunity interesting could plan to become their potential franchisee with an investment around INR 2-5 lakh. The area required for acquiring its franchise ranges from 200-400 sq ft.

A tiffin-related business can be a great and essential component in the global F&B industry. So are you ready to engrave your name in this emerging industry?

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